My experience  began with 17 years as a successful real estate agent. I built my business from referrals and repeat customers. During this time I acquired knowledge of the market, legal procedures and real estate process. In the past 10+ years I further expanded my finance knowledge as a mortgage broker and continue to enjoy referrals and repeat business. All this combined experience gives me good insight and the ability to provide well rounded and informed service.


Everyone has a unique circumstance, understanding their needs and pairing them with the best lender is of primary importance to me. This is my business….not just my ‘job’. Whether you are self employed, salaried, seasonal, part time, have credit issues, short on down payment, need to refinance (consolidate debt, acquire equity) I can assist. I also assist with equipment leasing and commercial financing.


Please feel comfortable contacting me and asking ANY questions. I would be happy to help.





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